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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is the status of my order?
How do I cancel or change my order?
Can I place an International order?
I need assistance in placing my order.
How long does it take to get my order?
How much is shipping?
Do I need to be present to sign for an order?
I have ordered an oversized item. What should I expect?
How do I request a return or replacement?
What is the status of my refund?
How do I clean or remove stains from my Crescent Garden planter?
How can we install casters?
What does the Crescent Garden 10-year limited warranty cover?
Where are the products made?
What is double walled?
What is Crescent Too?
Are these planters food-safe?
Is my planter, watering can or sprayer recyclable?
Which planters are self-watering?
How do I pot a planter?
Can I spray paint my planter?
How do I use the gravity cavity in my tall Crescent Garden planter?
How do I create a fountain with my Crescent Garden planter?
How to I get started with my Harvest planter?
How do I create an overflow drain in an HF planter?
What is the black ring around the X-large watering can?
Are Crescent Home products BPA free?
How is Crescent Garden impacting our environment?
How should I store my TruDrop pots for winter?
How do I assemble my Nest Planter?
How do I install the greenhouse cover?
Are the planters food-safe?
I am having difficulties seeing the blue teardrops. How can I resolve this?
I am changing out my plants. How can I clean my TruDrop planter?
What is the red and white cap for?
How is my TruDrop helping the environment?
Does self-watering cause root rot?
How does TruDrop One help grow healthier plants?
Can I grow a tomato plant in my TruDrop?
My plants are waterlogged, flooded in my TruDrop planter?
How do I insert my white threaded drain plug?
How do I install my gray push drain plug on my TruDrop One planter?
How to screw on red plug for indoor use?
How do I empty my TruDrop One planter?
How can I become a stocking dealer?
Do you have a program for designers and landscape professionals?
Can we order a custom color?
Can I get a color sample kit?
Where can I find Crescent Garden at a local store near me?
I need help with design.
How can I find out when an item is back in stock?
What is the HF self-watering planters?
How do I select the right size of pot?
Which self-watering planter works for you?
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Creating an overflow drain for your HF planter
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What size saucer should I select for my pot?
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