Change the way you garden with TruDrop self-watering technology.

Finally a planter that works for you,
The Gardener Who Wants More Time

The pioneering TruDrop technology engineers self-watering planters to go weeks without watering, for phenomenal results and more confident gardeners. Trudrop dramatically transforms the way you care for plants.

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A simple solution that will extend time between watering for up to 6 weeks depending on planter size, and weather conditions. Trudrop planters are lightweight, easy to pot up, and effortless to maintain.

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The easy to ready water gauge tells you how much water your container has, letting you know when your plant is ready for more. Watering from underneath like greenhouse growers diminishes risk of fungus growth and leaf damage allowing you to grow healthier plants, and making your gardening experience a simple success.

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With less use of water resources, no run-off of fertilizers, 100% recyclable materials and a 10 year limited warranty, TruDrop planters are environmentally safe and built to last.

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How it works

Intro The TruDrop DNA main trudrop 1 Fill hole feautre 2 Water level indicator 3 Irrigation Chamber 4 Double Wall Construction 5 Overfill Drain 6 Indoor Plug 7 Mess Free Drain 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Easy to fill hole main trudrop water tru shower Fill hole The easy to fill water intake opening is also covered with a cap for protection against contamination from dirt or bugs. fan bug line 1 Patent pending main trudrop feautre Patent pending water level indicator Indicates 3 different level for more accuracy than traditional systems. • Easy to read
• Signature design
• Discreet
• Easy to plan your next filling
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Watering through capillary action main trudrop water tru plant root Watering through capillary action Our system uses the same process as professional growers to water our plants through the root system instead of top watering. • Less fungus growth at the top
• Less damage of flowers and leaves
This creates healthier plants: fungus bacteria line 3
Doble Wall tru fill resistant toshoks line Double wall construction This innovative planter has a double wall that makes it resistant to shocks and serves as a layer of protection against extreme temperatures. rain temperature 4 Ferttilizer main trudrop With TruDrop, fertilizers are optimized by remaining in the reservoir instead of being washed out due to frequent irrigation, reducing waste and saving your money. Save Time and Money 4 FERTILIZER Calendar calendar Save time and money Large Water reservoir allows plants to go longer without watering.

Our planter needs less water than a traditional planter where most of the water runs off through the drainage holes. Depending on conditions and plant selection, with the TruDrop system a container only needs to be watered every 2-6 weeks, saving you time and money.
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Use it indoors or Outdoors sun main trudrop 5 Use it indoors or Outdoors The best thing is finding the pleasure of successful gardening in planters, with little effort, thanks to its revolutionary self-watering TruDrop system, which functions both indoors and outdoors. Overfill Drain rain main trudrop tube Overfill Drain When using outdoors, planters is designed to drain excess rain water. 5 Sealed Botom main trudrop house tuberx plug Sealed Botom For indoor use we provide planter with a water proof plug. 6 With Mess Fress Drain System main trudrop dotted acop acop Mess Free Drain System With the optional quick connect coupling system and a garden hose you can easily drain your planters without a mess. 7