Finally a planter that works for you,
The Gardener Who Wants More Time

The pioneering TruDrop technology engineers self-watering planters to go weeks without watering, for phenomenal results and more confident gardeners. Trudrop dramatically transforms the way you care for plants.

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A simple solution that will extend time between watering for up to 6 weeks depending on planter size, and weather conditions. Trudrop planters are lightweight, easy to pot up, and effortless to maintain.

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The easy to ready water gauge tells you how much water your container has, letting you know when your plant is ready for more. Watering from underneath like greenhouse growers diminishes risk of fungus growth and leaf damage allowing you to grow healthier plants, and making your gardening experience a simple success.

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With less use of water resources, no run-off of fertilizers, 100% recyclable materials and a 10 year limited warranty, TruDrop planters are environmentally safe and built to last.

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