Already Planting for Spring Salads

We tend to push the envelope here in Idaho, both in weather and design. Last year, when the pandemic interrupted all sorts of supply chains and access to grocery stores was limited, all I could…

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Small Space Garden Design

Green is trending this spring with its nod to nature and more natural elements are making their way into our indoor designs. Throughout this cold winter, and keeping socially distant, we are craving the outdoors…

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Gabrielle Bags with flowers

Valentine DIY Gift – Design Flower Basket

  Take gift-giving to a personal level by making your own bouquets in our re-usable Gabrielle bags. This project can be replicated quickly in multiple bags to deliver surprises to everyone who deserves to be…

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Growing Microgreens

Growing Microgreens In Planters

Looking for some easy vegetables to grow? And would you like the option of growing vegetables indoors? Calling mighty microgreens to the rescue! Mighty Microgreens Microgreens are tiny, tender, flavorful seedlings of vegetables and/or herbs. …

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