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Everybody Loves The Flower Girl: Meet The Boutique Gardener

“Liv, do what you love and the money will come.” When you were younger what did you dream of doing when you grew up? Maybe you still are dreaming about your future and what your career path will look like. What are the steps to reaching that dream, and will following that dream provide you…

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Container Gardening 101: Basic tips for Beautiful Gardens

The Ten Commandments of Container Gardening Ok, boys and girls, it’s time to gather ‘round for a lesson on container gardening for beginners. Put on your best overalls and finest gardening gloves, pull up your wheelbarrow to the potting shed and sit back on your weeding stool as I present today’s sermon on the Ten…

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crescent garden july post

Summertime Blooms on a Budget

Planting is a pleasure and a pretty addition to any environment, but sometimes it can be expensive and challenging depending on the season. We’re here to share a story of a recent project made with beautiful container arrangements that were created without counting cents, and featuring plants that are perfect for summer! This summer, Kimberlie Landis teamed up…

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summer plant recipe go big and go bold

Summer Plant Recipe: Go Big and Go Bold

Sometimes you just need to go big and go bold with your container gardens. Whether it’s breaking up the empty space on a wall or creating an outdoor seating area, our Ellis planters are an easy way to define or redefine open spaces. And with summer weather you’ll need plants that can handle the heat…

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june planter to table june blog

Planter to Table: Focaccia Pizza

The pressure is on! It’s almost officially summer, and in our home that means hosting many gatherings and events throughout the season. My biggest challenge: What will I serve that everyone will love? I really enjoy featuring home cooked meals for my guests and of our first of many parties will be happening this next…

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