Madison Planters

Anti-shock and lightweight Planters line. Weather resistant, variety of styles and wide color range



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*Please note that the 48″ planter is only available in Caviar Black in stock but can be special ordered in all our other finishes.

Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref. Saucer Ref.
bMadison 16" Planter16.00"10.03"13.60" / 12.48"16.00"5.09A1140XXAA9910XXT
eMadison 34" Planter34.00"21.04"29.39" / 23.67"34.00"48.59A1180XXAA9990XXT
fMadison 48" Planter48.50"29.50"39.00" / 44.88"48.25"166.25A11125XXN/A
dMadison 26" Planter26.00"16.04"22.21" / 18.24"26.00"20.85A1165XXAA9918XXT
cMadison 20" Planter20.00"12.28"17.46" / 15.61"20.00"10.71A1150XXAA9913XXT
aMadison 14" Planter14.00"8.73"12.01" / 10.93"14.00"3.44A1135XXAA9910XXT