Eva Planters

Available in a variety of color palettes they can be fun or sober depending on the environment. They can be used to display annuals, herbs, succulents, orchids and other plants.



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Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref.
aEva 5.5" Planter (Case of 6)5.50"4.00"5.20"N/AAZ0105XXC
bEva 6.3" Planter (Case of 4)6.30"4.50"5.90"N/AAZ0106XXC
cEva 7.1" Planter (Case of 6)7.10"5.00"6.50"N/AAZ0107XXC
dEva 8.6" Planter (Case of 6)8.60"6.30"7.90"N/AAZ0109XXC
eEva 9.4" Planter (Case of 4)9.40"6.80"8.80"N/AAZ0110XXC
fEva 11.0" Planter (Case of 2)11.00"7.50"9.00"N/AAZ0111XXC
gEva 12.0" Planter (Case of 2)11.50"8.00"9.75"N/AAZ0112XXC
hEva 13.0" Planter (Case of 2)12.87"9.00"11.00"N/AAZ0114XXC
iEva 14.0" Planter (Case of 2)14.25"10.00"13.00"N/AAZ0116XXC
jEva 18.0" Planter (Sold Individually)17.75"12.00"15.00"N/AAZ0118XXC