Ellis Planters

Anti-shock and lightweight Planters line. Weather resistant, variety of styles and wide color range. Casters for these planters twist on to the bottom, so that they are barely visible once in place. Our estate planters are double walled for superior resistance; ideal in commercial landscapes.



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Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref. Saucer Ref.
aEllis 10" x 36" Planter36.42" x 10.04"36.00" x 10.00"32.75" x 6.75" / 9.45"12.00"8.00A0923XXN/A
bEllis 16" x 36" Planter36.22" x 16.14"36.20" x 16.00"33.00" x 12.80" / 18.11"20.00"29.50A0940XXN/A
cEllis 20" x 48" Planter48.43" x 20.28"48.25" x 20.00"44.50" x 17.00" / 24.02"26.00"59.25A0950XXN/A