Daniel Family of Planters

By creating the unique shapes in our Daniel Planters, we provided a line of containers that can be used with a wide variety of plants. Combined with our exclusive Crescent finishes, these modern sleek designs will add an elegant element to any environment, used individually or combined in group plantings.



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* Daniel Hanging 16” Planter includes stainless steel wire for hanging.


Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref. Saucer Ref.
ADaniel 36” Bowl36.00”22.34”22.38” / 7.09”9.22”10.00”A4190XXN/A
BDaniel Hanging 16” Planter (Case of 2) *16.00”N/A8.71” / 4.33”8.01”0.50”A4440XXCN/A
CDaniel Round 17” Planter17.38”6.97”11.00”/9.84”11.22”2.50A4228XXN/A
DDaniel Tall 21” Planter21.00”12.30”12.00” / 26.57”36.00”10.50A4330XXA9913XXT