Bowery Planters

This new Bowery planter takes the same proportions of our successful Chelsea planter and creates an improved version. More soil capacity, the ability to stabilize with sand for windy applications and a sleeker texture on the outside make this a star.



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Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref. Saucer Ref.
aBowery 13" Planter13.00"8.55"10.50" / 17.69"25.50"6.00A5110XXA9822XXT
bBowery 15" Planter14.80"9.71"11.00" / 18.00"30.77"7.50A5138XXA9827XXT
cBowery 17" Planter17.00"10.78"13.00" / 20.00"34.70"12.00A5143XXA9832XXT
dBowery 22" Planter22.00"14.08"17.90" / 26.60"43.20"29.00A5155XXA9841XXT