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Plant saucers can be a valuable addition to your planter for many reasons. They can serve an essential function in water retention, collecting excess water from the drainage holes under the potted plant. They can also keep your floor clean, free of scratches or stains, ensuring that your indoor carpet or outdoor patio remains in pristine condition. And of course, they can offer a beautiful design addition to your planters. In any case when selecting the right saucer for your planter it is important to tailor selection to your planter needs. Use this guide to make the best selection. 

Before you begin considering which type of plant saucer you would like to select for your planter it is first important to gather measurements. Measure the bottom diameter of your planter by following these steps: 

  1. Place two pieces of tape, ribbon or any straight edge you have at home parallel to each other on either side of the planter. 
  2. Use a tape measure to measure in between. This will be the diameter of your planter.

Measuring Bottom Diameter of Planter

Next, review your planter saucer options to understand the type of protection you are looking for and your individual needs.  

  • Cork Mats: Lightweight and easy to use, these mats have waterproof features that will contain any excess moisture from your planter, preventing leaks that could damage your floor or furniture. Keep in mind however that cork mats do not prevent water from overflowing if there are drainage holes on the planter.


Cork Mat Saucer

  • Clear Saucers: Minimal and sleek, these saucers pair well with any planter in your home and are manufactured from post-consumer waste, making them an environmentally friendly option. 

Clear Saucer without Label

  • Deep Clear Saucers: If water retention is the primary purpose for your saucers look no further than this deep saucer. This saucer is a great option for plants that require a lot of watering as it encourages root system watering. The depth allows you to collect water and use this as a water reservoir.  Through drainage holes your plant can continue to wick water to the soil with the excess you have collected in the saucer.


Deep Clear Saucer

  • Clear Heavy Duty Saucers: These durable plant saucers are designed to withstand heavy pots and are ideal for your most cumbersome planters. Nothing will escape past this saucer, so if total protection of your floors is top priority this is the saucer for you.


Heavy Pot in Clear Saucer

  • Hanging Saucers: For lovers of hanging plants, this clear saucer is an alternative to the leaky basket headaches that normally hover above your floors. Outdoors these are great to collect water and serve as a reservoir to continue watering your plants in the heat of summer. 


Clear Hanging Saucer - Without Label

  • Universal Saucers: Grab these saucers to color coordinate with your Crescent Garden planter or choose your favorite color to pair with any at home planter. Can’t find a color to match your planter? Try matching your floor instead so it disappears into your substrate. Available for square or round planters, this heavy-duty saucer is UV stabilized to make sure that its vibrant color never fades. Enjoy the 10-year warranty, as this saucer is a true investment piece resistant to chips, cracks or leaks.  


Universal Square SaucerSquare Universal Saucer 

Delano Bowl Lifestyle

Round Universal Saucer 

  • Pebble Caddies: Flexibility in design and movement, these pebble caddies come in a variety of colors and sizes, equipped with casters underneath that can withstand up to 200 pounds. Decorate your caddies with stones, rocks, or pebbles, and rest assured that whenever you need to clean, or the redecorating mood strikes, your caddies will roll to their new destination with ease.


You’ve got a lot to think about so make a list of priorities and do not fret about information overload. Use our spec sheets for quick and concise reference to any questions on plant saucer dimensions you may have.  

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