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In the sunshine state you can never go wrong with tropical plants. When I think of Florida, the first things that come to mind are the hot sun, swimming pools, lush plants, and colorful flowers. What better way to encompass all these elements than with a planter of beautiful tropical plants. Here are some quick tips on how to style the perfect planter.

Go Big or Go Home

Tropical gardens are very lush and dense, made interesting by the use of a variety of plants with leaves of different colors, sizes, and textures. When designing a tropical planter, I recommend starting with a large centerpiece plant. I personally love using birds of paradise. This tall, eye-catching plant has vibrant, shiny leaves and gives the planter a dramatic focal point.

Birds of Paradise in TruDrop Self-watering planter.

The Birds of Paradise plant is a beautiful staple to any tropical container.

Layers are Best

The placement of tropical plants within the planter should flow and feel the same as a real tropical garden. Pair a big leafed bird of paradise with a bright pink red sister. Add more dimension and texture with a tropical plant that has a different leaf structure and texture, such as a phasion canna lily. This bronze variegated leave mingled with the bright pink leaf of the Hawaiian red sister will create spectacular foliage. The phasion canna lily also boasts a brilliant orange bloom that will certainly be a showstopper!

Tropical Plant arrangement with Gabrielle bag and garden tools.

Adding in a phasion canna lily will give your tropical planter a brilliant pop of orange.

Stop the Show with Color

When styling a tropical planter, I love to use bright, contrasting colors. The colorful leaves of the tropical plants, combined with the vibrant pops of color of various blooms accomplishes this contrast. I mentioned the brilliant showstopper bloom from the canna lily.  Combining this with a tropical red mandevilla plant will leave your planter bursting with gorgeous colors all around.

Colorful Tropical Planter by the pool.

Bring to life your tropical planter with vibrant contrasting colors.


Fragrance can add a lasting impression of your tropical planter. When we smell things, we instantly create a memory. Several plants that I use to add fragrance are lantana and confederate jasmine. Lantana comes in a variety of colors, and butterflies absolutely love it!  So in addition to showcasing colorful, fragrant flowers, your planter will be surrounded by beautiful butterflies.

Close up of colorful tropical planter.

Take your tropical arrangement to the next level with fragrant plants.

Center Stage

The placement of your planter is of key importance.  If you use more shade plants, place the planter where it gets morning sun and afternoon shade. The planter I have created will be happiest in full sun!. Your planter is a summer showpiece and needs to be seen. Staging it next to an outdoor dining table or along the corner or a pool will be a perfect place to show it off. Whether you are dining outside or having a summer pool party, your beautiful tropical planter will be the topic of conversation.

Tropical TruDrop Self-watering Planter sitting by the pool.

Place your tropical planter, and let it invite you right in.

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