This fall we hosted a pebble plant caddy design challenge on our Instagram with the purpose of seeing all the ways our caddies could be used by seasoned container garden designers. Each design offered its own unique take on the multifunctional caddies and took creative advantage of our caddies flexibility and comfort! Read more to see the spins designers put on their Pebble Plant Caddies. 

A Plant Caddy on Wheels

This design highlights the advantage of mobility when it comes to design needs (which, for some of us change as quickly as the wind). These pebble plant caddies can go with your creative flow, whether that be placed in the bathroom to color the crème tiled floor with lush green plants, or as your own personal indoor oasis in the living room. This design also incorporates with ease elements of sand and rocks reminiscent of a zen garden. Paired with the sleek white of the pebble caddy, it elevates and unites this family of container planters in a way that emphasizes a minimalist peace.  

When thinking about how you’d incorporate Pebble Plant Caddies, take a page out of Stardust Modern Designs book and hone in on your two priorities: what mood are you trying to set and what locations would you like to place them at (the smooth casters bring you endless possibilities). 

Plant trolleys can be placed in the bathroom or by the dresser.

Roll your pebble plant caddies to wherever the mood strikes.

A plant caddy can be used to create a zen garden.

Create a zen garden using sand and pebbles in your plant caddy.

The power of a plant stand with wheels

Equipped with smooth casters, Pebble Plant Caddies offer an especially important advantage to designing small spaces: it makes cleaning a complete breeze. Small crowded spaces tend to be the highest maintenance because of how difficult it can be to move things around and clear up space. Our Pebble Plant Caddies are basically a plant stand with wheels, which means they can open or close up space as is required. Most importantly, it is a stylish way to keep your floors protected from any stains, scratches or leaks.  

This design by Can You Dig It Gardening creates a distinctive personality with rich textures from stones, to shells, to flowers and small plants. Choose more muted colors for the caddies and contrast them with bright vibrant colors from your accessories. Above all, relish in the dissolved stress of never having to worry about damaged floors! 

Decorate a plant caddy with different textures and colors.

Who says you have to sacrifice good floors for beautiful plants? Pebble Plant Caddies to the rescue.

Planter on wheels doesn’t have to be singular- Create a space for your small pots

This design from Plant Addicts brought a wonderful spin to our Pebble Plant Caddies by incorporating smaller planters placed on a table top, like a kitchen counter or a bedroom dresser. The achievement of this design lies in the unique planter placement that we do not often see in interior design (which is totally underrated!). Tabletop planters give height to container plants, bringing them closer to eye level, right where we can enjoy them. And where in the past an obstacle to this placement would have been the fear of ruined wood or countertops, a pebble plant caddy provides just the perfect fix! Grow your herbs right by the kitchen window, cut your pickings as you cook, and roll them to the side when doing kitchen cleanup. The best solution is to put your plants on wheels and if ever it becomes too cumbersome, simply take a stroll through your home, pick your next favorite location, and roll away.  

Smaller pots fit perfectly on plant caddies.

Tabletop planters to keep your furniture design fresh.

Caddies on the kitchen counter for your herbs.

Tip: Keep your fresh herbs easy to reach and to move away, right on the kitchen counter.

Outdoor Planter Casters

The designers from Yardscapes Landscape Professionals really know how to play with color, and know that their caddies serve them best outdoors. The pebble plant caddies ability to sustain up to 200 pounds, paired with a 10 year warranty make them an ideal choice for your outdoor planters. Perhaps you worry that the caddies will take away the attention from the real star, the gorgeous planter with the plants you have worked so hard to grow. In that case follow the lead of this design, which matched the caddy color to the planter, and coincidentally to the floor, to ensure a cohesive look that doesn’t steal any light away from the bursting oranges. Come rain or shine, these caddy’s will last and last, making it easier to move even your heaviest of plant pots.  

Caddy in the fall outdoors.

These durable caddies will fit right into the great outdoors.

Pebble plant caddies will last through colder seasons like fall.

Tip: Match your caddy to the substrate for a subtle look.

The central lesson to take – caddies can be used as you please!

This delightful design from Bretin’s Flower Farm ultimately reminded us of the heart of gardening, and container designs: to remember to just have fun. Who knows, perhaps it won’t be your plant pots who will be in need of your caddies. Perhaps it will be your rolling pumpkins or heavier vegetables! Or maybe, you will join in the Crescent Garden family tradition and race them around the home. The sky is the limit. If you are ever in need of mobility, style, and quality that lasts for years, these caddies will be your greatest friend. 

Caddies are multifunctional.

Pumpkins or pots, our Pebble Plant Caddies will work for you.

Person rolling on a pebble caddy.

With planters or without, you’ll get a hundred uses out of our Pebble Plant Caddies.

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