Finding the aesthetic design that your project requires is sometimes difficult and then pairing it with the right product attributes to grow healthy plants is even more stressfulWe went ahead and summarized your alternatives for selecting modern plant pots below.

Modern Self-Watering Planters

One of my biggest frustrations as a promoter of functional products is when I come across a planter beautifully designed on the outside but when I take a closer look, they haven’t thought at all about the fact that a plant needs to survive inside.     

As a lover of modern design, I am equally frustrated by products that are designed with functionality, but no aesthetic.  It is great to buy functionality but a planter should be a decorative element that can elevate your design not ruin it. 

Crescent Garden TruDrop

With all that in mind we developed our Crescent Garden TruDrop self watering planters to be beautifully designed on the outside, but extremely functionalWe took time to also make sure that the product attributes wouldn’t ruin the aesthetic; as an example our water level indicators are completely flat instead of protruding and becoming an eye soreOur drains are hidden in the back of the planter and under small mouse holesWe even thought of the flow of water through the overflow drain and making sure that didn’t stain the planter but still flowed properly. 

Assortment of self-watering planters.

Our TruDrop self watering planters come in an assortment of styles.

Crescent Garden HF

In addition, to our TruDrop self watering planters, we also offer a variety of modern planters that integrate a traditional self watering system: Crescent Garden HF planters are manufactured in Spain and made of thick steel, wood or even leather.

Black, steel, and white planters.

HF planters for every design taste.

Modern Outdoor Planters

When thinking of modern planters outdoor the most important thing after finding the contemporary look you want to incorporate is the durabilityOutdoor planters should last season after season and survive epic snow and ice stormsWe have a variety of 10 Year Warranty planters that do just thatHere are some of the styles broken down by functionality: 

Single Wall Planters

Pleat Planter: available in a variety of sizes, including tall versions, this is a great line of large capacity planters that can even hold trees and shrubbery.   

Multicolored planters on a skyrise.

A Pleat planter is a strong choice for growing trees or shrubbery.

Double Wall Planters

Madison, Bowery, Bleeker and Gramercy Planters: This iconic modern collection of planters designed with sleek ribbing that wraps around the planters include tall modern planters like Bleeker and Bowery, modern square planters like Gramercy and round shapes that can be easily combined in clusters. 

Containers used in modern settings and designs.

The strength of planters like Madisons or Bowery shines when styled in clusters.

Self Watering Planters

Rim, Cup, Nest and Mod: Modern, modular, low, tall, square, rectangle, with a 10 year warranty on the shell, these self watering outdoor planters will stay outside even in the dead of winterEach planter has its own unique design, however they share DNA like siblings and were designed to stand side by side in the same space. 

self watering planters suited for different settings.

The beauty of these planters is how well they pair with each other, with multiple designs easily inhabiting a single space in harmony.

Modern Indoor Planters

All of our outdoor selection can be used indoors as well. Our TruDrop self watering in particular has a cap to seal the overflow drain so that they can easily be moved inside even without a saucer.   

Fuse, Ferrum Perforated and Lin planters:  Each of these styles is a statement piece that works well indoorsFuse is a mid-century modern planter; Ferrum perforated is a steel planter with small holes to give transparency between the outer shell and planter inside; Lin is crafted from bent wire that wraps around the planter. 

Demonstrates the shape of the planter in indoor settings.

Elevate your indoor design with these statement piece planters.

Modern Hanging Planters

Daniel Hanging planter: rarely do you find a hanging planter that works well in a modern loft environmentDaniel with its unique shape, irregular lines that wrap around it, and a stainless steel hanger really does the trick. 

Daniel hanging planter in concrete indoors.

Bring your small indoor spaces to life with a Daniel hanging planter.

Large Modern Planters

Pinch: Smooth lines, slightly dimpled bottom this planter can be used from residential to commercialIt comes in three different sizes, 23”, 29”, and 37”The best part of Pinch is it’s TruDrop self watering system, and additionally optional caster plate that can be added for mobility. 

Pinch planter in a residential and a city landscape.

The Pinch planter is uniquely equipped for a casters and anti-theft system to make it mobile or keep it safe.

Madison: Iconic Crescent Garden shape that set us a modern planter supplier, Madison is available in very large sizes like 34” and 48”You can grow large trees that will thrive for years in this outdoor planter. 

Large row of Madisons demonstrating assortment of sizes.

Madison planters come in a wide range of sizes to suit even the biggest of your projects.

Mod Large Trough and Mod 40” Tall and Narrow planter: From creating privacy barriers, to growing vegetables, or herbs, these are both large modern rectangular planters that can be used interchangeably depending on the amount of space and height required. 

Mods in a museum setting and a balcony creating privacy.

Mod planters can create privacy, segment spaces, and grow your vegetables in the process.

Rim: This 30” TruDrop self watering planter is ideal for large spaces. Can be used outdoors or indoors. 

Rim entryway planters

A couple of Rim planters will transform an entryway.

Modern Front Porch Planters

Modern Bowl Planter

Delano Planters and Bowls: From succulents, to Zen inspired gardens the Delano Planters and Bowls are perfect for a modern space. 

Oval delano bowl on top of coffee table.

Try your hand at building a zen garden with a Delano bowl.

Modern Elevated Planter

Nest: The problem with growing vegetables and herbs is that often the containers available look like they should be out in a farm, not a small urban modern spaceWe designed the Nest planter as the perfect elevated garden bed that will deliver successful gardening with TruDrop self watering but will also be the statement piece in an urban garden. 

Children having lunch in front of planter.

Grow your herbs and vegetables easily with the Nest planter.

Value-Oriented Modern Planters

Fold and Step Planters: Available in three sizes these planters can be used on their own or with TruDrop Flex self watering inserts to go weeks without watering.  Both have a 10 year warranty but are also value oriented single walled planters that are ideal when you are looking for a quick solution. 

Fold and Step planters in outdoor settings.

Aside from their stylish design, Step and Fold planters can also be used with self watering inserts.

Eva planter: A perfect cache pot planter with no holes that can be potted or just used to drop in a growing container, this smooth finished design looks great and works well in interior spaces. 

Eva planters in an office setting.

Eva planters are a perfect indoor option, whether it be for the office or the home.

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