Anya Planters

Available in a variety of sober colors palettes depending on the environment



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Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref.
aAnya 4.7" Round Planter (Case of 6)4.70"3.20"4.00"N/AAZ1105XXC
bAnya 6.0" Round Planter (Case of 6)6.00"3.90"5.20"N/AAZ1106XXC
cAnya 7.0" Round Planter (Case of 6)7.00"4.80"6.10"N/AAZ1107XXC
dAnya 8.3" Round Planter (Case of 6)8.30"5.50"7.60"N/AAZ1108XXC
eAnya 9.4" Round Planter (Case of 6)9.40"6.40"8.40"N/AAZ1109XXC
fAnya 4.7" Square Planter (Case of 6)4.70"3.90"4.50"N/AAZ1205XXC
gAnya 6.0" Square Planter (Case of 6)6.00"4.80"5.60"N/AAZ1206XXC
hAnya 7.0" Square Planter (Case of 6)7.00"5.70"6.80"N/AAZ1207XXC
iAnya 8.3" Square Planter (Case of 6)8.30"6.80"8.00"N/AAZ1208XXC
jAnya 9.4" Square Planter (Case of 6)9.40"7.80"9.20"N/AAZ1209XXC
kAnya 9.4" x 4.7'' Rectangular Planter (Case of 6)9.40" x 4.70"8.60" x 3.90"4.30"N/AAZ1309XXC