A Winning Combination: All-American Selections and Crescent Garden Planters

April 4, 2017

A Winning Combination: All-American Selections and Crescent Garden Planters

All-America Selections and Crescent Garden introduce the video results of a collaborative project using garden bloggers to create a combination container using AAS Winners and a Crescent Garden Black Juno light weight resin container.

After eighty-five years of conducting trials where only the best performers are declared AAS Winners, the organization now has more than 793 varieties that have been “Tested Nationally & Proven Locally.” It is some of these many varieties that were the choices of Niki Jabbour from Savvy Gardening and Allison Zeeb from No Farm Needed used in their container plantings.

Link to videos: 

Niki Jabbour video

Allison Zeeb video

Videos can also be viewed from the AAS Website.

Looking for inspiration?

Single specimen containers are known as monoculture and they can create a stunning architectural container. Choose AAS Garden Winners such a Basil Dolce Fresca or Salvia Summer Jewel Lavender in a Crescent Garden Madison Barcelona planter. #AASRooters #HuntingCrescent #AASWinners #ContainerGardening

Red and white is a great combo for#ContainerGardening. Crescent Garden‘s TruDrop system significantly reduces the maintenance time and worry over watering. #AASWinners Delizz strawberry, Sparkle White gaura and Profusion Red zinnia would work great together! #HuntingCrescent

#ContainerGardening can be more successful using AAS Garden Winners and Crescent Garden containers. Shown above: verbena EduraScape Pink Bicolor, dianthus Supra Pink and vinca Mega Bloom Pink Halo in a Dot container. #HuntingCrescent #AASRooters

How about some hot and spicy#containergardening? Select #AASWinners such as Petunia African Sunset, Gaillardia Arizona Apricot and Ornamental Pepper NuMex Easter in a Crescent Garden Juno container.#HuntingCrescent #AASRooters

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