January 20, 2016

We begin by insuring that our manufacturing is efficient, responsible and our plants are run under optimal conditions. Our manufacturing processes are clean processes that do not contaminate the environment; we consider energy efficient technology when selecting our investment in new machinery; we manage socially responsible plants and invest in the local communities.

Next, we consider the distribution of our products. Being that our products are lightweight, and unbreakable makes them environmentally friendly, using less energy for transportation, less packaging materials to protect and no cost in damaged goods.

Our products are made to last. Our Crescent Garden planters have a 10 year warranty against cracking or fading, making them one of the most durable planters in the market. No breakage in winter, no fading in summer means our customers can enjoy our products for a long time. Like furniture, we believe planters can be kept for years of enjoyment without needing to be replaced.

Once you are ready to make a change, our products are all 100% recyclable. The plastics we use in our products are easily pulverized and can be re-used to make new products. Unlike other materials plastics are very efficient in a recycling process, and need little energy to re-use.

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