Summertime Blooms on a Budget

August 6, 2019

Planting is a pleasure and a pretty addition to any environment, but sometimes it can be expensive and challenging depending on the season. We’re here to share a story of a recent project made with beautiful container arrangements that were created without counting cents, and featuring plants that are perfect for summer!

This summer, Kimberlie Landis teamed up with Country Rodes Greenhouses in Rochester, Indiana to plant thirty Crescent Garden 30” Rim planters for the downtown area. By using TruDrop self-watering planters, they will save on their water maintenance costs, and Kimberlie knew she could help the city save on their planting costs too by choosing the right kind of plants for these large planters.

Using only six 4” plants and one one gallon Dipladenia in the middle, Kimberlie planted these up in the Country Rodes Greenhouse and let them grow for a few weeks before bringing them out on the streets of Rochester in May. Even in that short amount of time, these annuals had
bloomed to fill up the planter. What was the secret to her container gardening success? Four of the plants are Proven Winners Supertunia Vistaâ Bubblegumâ and two Sweet Potato ‘Margarita’. Both plants are known for their vigor and ability to grow 4-6 feet long within a summer! The one-gallon Dipladenia is similar to a Mandevilla, but with smaller leaves and more of a bushy habit. All of these plants thrive on sunshine and the heat of the summer.

Kimberlie cares for these plants by refilling the Rim planters’ TruDrop reservoirs once a week with water, while adding a small amount of fertilizer to it so that the plants are continually fed. This consistent feeding helps keep the blooms coming on for the fast-growing petunias. Even by simply using only seven plants per planter, they got stunning results! Rochester was beautified in blooms with minimum investment. With just a little bit of patience and choosing plants that grow aggressively in the summer heat, you’ll be on your way to creating your very own version of this inspirational pretty in a pink arrangement!

A = Pink Dipladenia
B = Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
C = Sweet Potato Margarita

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