Hanger for Emma Rectangular

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Add this flower box holder with your Emma Rectangular planters and voila, this planter is ready for your porch or…

Emma Saucer

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Protect your floors and furniture both inside and out with Emma Drainage Saucers. Available in three different colors and a…

Emma Round

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Made in Italy, this versatile collection translates everyday gardening into an elevated language. Perfect for making grab-and-go classic planters yet…

Emma Hanging/Bowl

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Our Emma Bowls are the go-to planting bowls for tabletop gardens and succulent bowls. With an included snap-on saucer, you…

Emma Rectangular

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Bring a little more beauty to your porch, balcony railings or fences using our Emma rectangular plant pots. With their…

Emma Hook for Hanging

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Attach the hanging planter hooks to any of our small Emma planters or bowls to convert them instantly into hanging…


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Create your own secret garden using our Dylan rectangular planter box outdoor and indoor use. Deep enough to allow for…

Using Pots To Grow Your Garden Plants

When Joni Mitchell came out with the song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ in the late 1970s, she sang that “They paved paradise, put up a parking lot”. People all over the world were nodding their heads at the dire concern that trees would be removed, placed in museums, and the world would be covered with concrete. […]

How to Mount Your Adjustable Rail Bracket

These adjustable brackets are ideal for rectangular window boxes and deck boxes that are going to be placed on fences, rails, or front porches. Incredibly flexible, they will adjust to a variety of planter sizes as well as rail thicknesses.  These will pair well with our Emma rectangular planters but also any existing planters you […]

How To Plant Vegetables In Containers

How to Grow a Container Vegetable Garden   Do you adore fresh vegetables—but lack garden space? Do you dream of delicious bruschetta created from tasty, rich tomatoes and sweet basil? If you love homegrown vegetables, herbs, and fruit but lack a garden plot, grow your favorite treats on a balcony, patio, or porch in containers! With a little planning, the right tools, […]