Universal Square Saucers

Most of our square planters come with matching saucers in the right size, color and design.

Our Saucer Display can be found on page 191



Reference Dimensions Saucer Ref.
a8.75" Square Universal Saucer12.50" x 12.50"1.00"8,75" x 8.75"A9822XXT
b10.75" Square Universal Saucer14.50" x 14.50"1.25"10.75" x 10.75"A9827XXT
c12.75" Square Universal Saucer16.50" x 16.50"1.25"12.75" x 12.75"A9832XXT
d16" Square Universal Saucer19.75" x 19.75"1.50"16.00" x 16.00"A9841XXT