Pierre Planters

2 Year Warranty. Up to 38 inches in size. Great for both residential and commercial spaces



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*Tomato is only available for 16″, 19″ and 23″ planters.

Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref.
aPierre 16" Planter (Bag of 6)*15.50"9.25"12.60"N/AAZ3216XXC
bPierre 19" Planter (Bag of 3)*18.70"11.63"15.35"N/AAZ3219XXC
cPierre 23" Planter (Bag of 3)*23.23"14.25"18.50"N/AAZ3223XXC
dPierre 31" Planter (Bag of 2)31.20"18.88"26.38"N/AAZ3232XXC
ePierre 38" Planter (Bag of 1)38.25"23.13"31.30"N/AAZ3239XX