Luca Planters

Variety of sizes. For use indoors or outdoors. Sleek glossy finish. Includes a clear planter to show roots or use in floral applications. Mix and match colors with Kyle and Noah planters.



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*Clear is only available for 8″ and 10″ planters.

Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref.
aLuca 8" Planter (Bag of 6)*7.88"4.88"8.63"N/AAZ3108XXC
bLuca 10" Planter (Bag of 3)* 9.75"6.00"10.63"N/AAZ3110XXC
cLuca 12" Planter (Bag of 1)11.75"7.25"13.00"N/AAZ3112XX
dLuca 14" Planter (Bag of 1) 13.75"8.38"15.25"N/AAZ3114XX
eLuca 16" Planter (Bag of 1) 15.70"9.63"17.30"N/AAZ3116XX