Kyle Square Planters

Great pot covers in a variety of sizes. Mix and match colors with Luca and Noah Planters.



Quick Ship

Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref.
aKyle 4" Square Planter (Bag of 8)4.34"3.25"3.94"N/AAZ2916XXC
bKyle 5" Square Planter (Bag of 8)5.25"3.75"4.73"N/AAZ2925XXC
cKyle 6" Square Planter (Bag of 7)5.91"4.25"5.71"N/AAZ2936XXC
dKyle 7.5" Square Planter (Bag of 8)7.49"5.50"6.70"N/AAZ2949XXC