Eye Planters

With our new Eye Planters we wanted to add affordable modern design by introducing new silhouettes that reflect design trends in the market. By using the reflection of light to accentuate the natural wave design on these planters, we created a great new look that will add a level of sophistication to any landscape indoors or outdoors.



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eye planter aint aerial view

eye planter am aerial view

Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref. Saucer Ref.
aEye Ain't 26" Planter26.30"21.85"13.60" / 17.09"18.70"9.25A7966XXN/A
bEye Am 26" Planter26.00"21.00"21.90" X 14.50" / 22.76"24.60"13.00A7866XXN/A