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Energy Sprayers and Watering Cans

Our new watering and sprayers can have a modern structural design how permits more comfort when you use it, besides that it is a perfect complement for your planters.


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Reference Dimensions Volume Gals Planter Ref.
aEnergy 2 in 1 Watering Can and Sprayer (Case of 12)N/AN/A0.40AZ211562C
bEnergy Sprayer (Case of 20)N/A N/A 0.27AZ221162C
cEnergy Pressure Sprayer (Case of 10)N/A N/A 0.30AZ241762C
dDisplay Box (100 Energy Sprayers)23.62” 39,37”NAAZ221162G
EEnergy X Large Watering Can (Case of 12)N/AN/A1.60AZ2360XXC
FGaylord (96 Energy X Large Watering Cans - Assorted Colors)15.74” 23.62” N/AAZ236088G