Make your own Moss Garden

February 19, 2016
Make your own Moss

Start with a large, low-walled container. We used the Crescent Garden Delano planter which has a bowl-like shape that’s not too deep—perfect for cultivating moss. Fill the container almost full with potting soil. Take a covering of sheet moss (this should be live, not dried) and place it on top of the soil, covering the entire container. Work around the edges to create a neat planting; trim as needed. Use a water bottle to spritz the planting. To embellish for a special event, clip seasonal fresh flowers, such as lilies and Drift® Roses, and push their stems into the moss. Create different patterns, shapes, and even letters or words, as desired. After the party, remove the cut flowers and move the container to a shady spot where it can thrive. Continue to keep moist, but don’t overwater.

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