Hot tips for Hot temps – Growing in Drought Conditions

April 19, 2015
Hot tips for Hot temps – Growing in Drought Conditions

First and the most obvious is to use drought tolerant plants – grasses, succulent plants, certain tropical plants such as mandevilla or dipladenia, Sego palms, or other plants that your local garden center could advise you about such as plants that are native to your area.

You also need to consider the type of planter that you are using. Our double walled resin planters help insulate the soil and roots from the outside heat and from the often baking surfaces that the planters are placed upon. The resin doesn’t absorb the heat like clay, metal, or cast stone planters, especially those type of planters with dark hues. You also want a planter that holds a lot of soil so that roots have plenty of moisture holding material to draw from.

Also, place planters close enough to your water source so that watering is easy and convenient. One of the planters we are most excited about for those in drought-prone areas is our Dot planter which introduces our TruDrop Watering system.

Learn about how our TruDrop System works at

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