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October 10, 2016
Brunello planaters in Twin Cities

Or could it be that the city that has one or all of these factors is such a botanically beautiful and welcoming place that these draws are just side benefits to living in or visiting that place?

Crescent Planters at the Universal Studios Store


Communities around the world are heeding the research that touts the mental, physiological, and emotional benefit of being in an urban area that has nature both in mind and at hand. And the long term economic impact of integrating plants into the streetscapes of our communities is well documented and worthy of garnering the attention of growth-minded civic leadership.  Going back to our original question, “What is the lure that brings you into a town or city?”, the answer often is tied in simply with the place being a pretty place to be.


This year Crescent Garden is pleased to support America in Bloom in their landscaping vision to help “communities across the country as welcoming and vibrant places to live, work, and play – benefiting from colorful plants and trees; enjoying clean environments; celebrating heritage; and planting pride through volunteerism.” Crescent Garden representatives will be at the annual Symposium and Awards event Oct. 6-8 in Arroyo Grande, California showing the important role that our functional, durable, decorative planters can play in America in Bloom’s mission to “promotes nationwide beautification through education and community involvement by encouraging the use of flowers, plants, trees, and other environmental and lifestyle enhancements.”


Our planters have been playing a part in enhancing the beauty of cities for years – from downtown Michigan Avenue in Chicago to Metro-stops in northern Virginia to dividing bike lanes in Toronto to office buildings in Miami to wineries in British Colombia to the Hamilton Children’s Garden in the San Diego Botanic Garden.


The approach has been simple: bridge design and functionality into every one of our products. From classic to contemporary styles we have products that fit every landscape and color ranges to inspire. Crescent Garden offers easy to install planters that are lightweight, durable and come with a warranty. Food-safe, 100% recyclable planters provide restaurants with environmentally safe locations to grow some of their own produce for their kitchens. And our patented Trudrop watering system combines our planter durability with environmental and economical conscientiousness by lowering maintenance issues associated with container gardens.

Watch the Trudrop info:

Learn more about how your community can become eligible to win next year’s America In Bloom Award!  newsletter-american-in-bloom-27-September

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